The Ship


The vessel was originally designed to sail upwind, this is why it has the best sailing characteristics of the whole fleet.
Its Sailing wardrobe is large and easy to use, this is why it can sail faster with minimum of work for its crew: the winches make pulling ropes even for children exiting!
The ship has its latest refurbishment of the engine room in 2009 the 6-cilinder dieselmotor 250hp can bring us anywhere with ease.

The steven-klipper Mare Marieke is built in 1880 in Rotterdam, designed to sail cargoover the river Maas. It's original name was “Adriane Dirkje” (1921) and later “Leny” (1955).
Since 1996 it has been used for chartering passengers on the Waddenzee and the IJsselmeer
Its harbor is Harlingen.